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Line Card

Product and Equipment Relationships

We proudly distribute products from the following vendors, and, in some cases, have done so for over
20 years.

§ Belgrade

Steel Tank, Cement Silos, Aggregate Scales, Cement Scales

§ Badger Meter Inc.

Industrial Water Meters

§ Bray Controls

Butterfly Valves

§ C&W Mfg.

Dust Control Systems

§ Erie Strayer Co.

Batch Plant Equipment

§ Eagle Pneumatics

Automated Ticket Delivery Systems

§ Eastern Labs

D.O.T. Revolution Counters

§ Griffin Environmental Co.

Dust Control Systems

§ Garner Industries

Bin Master Bin Level Controls

§ Merts, Inc.

Custom Batch Plants

§ Monitor Technologies

Bin Level and Flow Controls

§ Mulhern Belting, Inc.

Industrial Conveyor Belt

§ Parker Pneumatics

Air Cylinders, Solenoids

§ Pearson Heating Systems

Hot Water Heaters, Water Chillers

§ Precision, Inc.

Conveyor Idlers, Pulleys

§ R&S Industries

Batch Plants, Dust Collection, Portable Silos

§ Scaletron Inc.

Automation, Motor Control Panels, Moisture Control

§ Sicoma

Twin Shaft, Planetary and Turbine Mixers

§ Sioux Corp.

Hot Water Heaters, Steam Cleaners

§ Smalis


§ Stephens Adamson

Conveyor Hoods, Conveyor Idlers

§ Sysdyne Corporation

Batching Controls, Automation, Dispatch

§ Vibco


§ Wam Inc.

Screw Conveyors, Butterfly Valves, Dust Collection and Silo Equipment